Blissful Masking: A Bliss Mask Review

Mighty Marshmallow Bright & Radiant Whipped Mask

Mighty Marshmallow Mask, $15

I picked this up on a whim about 2 months ago when I realized my skincare routine was lacking. I had a pretty good routine down but realized that somewhere along the way, I stopped masking. I am so happy I decided to try this product. My first impression of this mask was simply that I loved it. When you open the jar, you first notice the wonderfully whipped texture that will later smooth perfectly across your face. It is so soft and smooth, and has a delightfully, yet not overpowering, sweet scent. One thing that I was concerned with is the small size of the container. However, I found that it’s not an issue. I have been using this mask 2-3 times per week for the last two and a half months, and am only about halfway through the container. A little goes a looooong way! Seriously. A nickel sized amount is probably more than enough to cover the entire face. 

Here are its promises:

– revive dull, lackluster skin

– deliver a “lit from within” glow

– smooth uneven skin tone and discoloration

Honestly, I can attest to all of these claims. I truly think this is such a great product. Now, this product is not going to transform your skin by any means. It will, however, deliver all of its promises immediately. Whenever I wash this off, my skin is visibly brighter, smoother, and more even-toned. Secondly, I feel like it helps to diminish any blemishes quicker, or at it at least evens out my skin tone and reduces the redness of blemishes enough that they blend into my skin better. My face overall looks and feels healthier after using this mask. Not to mention, its whipped texture just makes it so fun and easy to use. For $15, it is definitely worth trying!

In The Honey Mega Moisturizing Lavendar Honey Mask


Where to Buy: $15 at Ulta

Because of how impressed I was with the Mighty Marshmallow mask, I had to try more from Bliss. So, today I picked up the ‘In The Honey Mega Moisturizing Lavender Honey Mask.’ Winter is starting and it has been a very cold week, wreaking havoc on my skin. My face has been pretty dry lately, causing redness and red little bumps everywhere due to dead skin build up. In turn, this has been making my makeup go on horribly- looking caked on regardless of how little I tried to use. So after getting rid of some of the dead skin cells and reducing the appearance of my blemishes with the Mighty Marshmallow mask, my skin needed some moisture, which was the perfect excuse for trying another Bliss Product. I picked up this moisturizing mask from Target on my way home from class and applied it immediately after my shower. The texture of this mask is much different than that of the Mighty Marshmallow mask. This has more of a gel, honey-like texture to it. It has a mild and pleasant scent to it and spreads across the face very nicely- making a small amount go a long way.

Here are its promises:

– soothe and relieve super parched or irritated skin

– get rid of dullness

– leave skin dewy and baby-smooth

Again, I 100% agree with these statements. I truly feel like this product delivered all of these promises. Now, I did prep my skin for this mask by attempting to remove as much dead skin as possible, which I feel allowed the product to live up to its promises. After applying this mask my skin felt soo hydrated and smooth, was less red, and definitely looked dewy and brighter. Now it is the day after using this mask, and I woke up with beautifully bright and clear skin. My bumps are gone, my skin is glowing, and there is no sign of dead skin cells and dullness. My skin also still feels very hydrated as I did not need to apply multiple layers of moisturizer this morning. I think that the combo of using this moisturizing mask after the marshmallow mask is to blame for the overnight improvement of my skin.  


Overall, I am very impressed with both of these masks and will definitely repurchase them when I run out. These are two great products at a reasonable price of $15, which could be reduced to $11.50 each if purchased at Ulta with their $3.50 off of $15 coupon. My experience so far with Bliss has been great, and I will definitely try more from them in the future. The next product I have my eyes on is the ‘What a Melon Overnight Mask,’ which I have very high hopes for if it delivers as well as the Mighty Marshmallow or In The Honey masks.


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