DIY: Eyebrow Tinting

        First and foremost, can we all just agree that eyebrows can either make or break a person? Long gone are the thin, over-plucked lines above our eyes and in are the thicker, bold and defined brows! Now, I myself have had quite the brow transformation. My natural brows are {unfortunately} BLEACH BLONDE. It’s awful. I hate it. BUT, there is nothing I can do to permanently change my natural brow color, but I also don’t feel like spending minutes a day filling in my brows. HOWEVER… I can at least change them for a couple weeks at a time. For those of you that cannot afford to get your brows microbladed, I think I have the next best thing… eyebrow tinting! Now, you can do this at the salon, I’m sure they’d do a much better job that I’m sure would last longer. But I’m a broke college bitch soooo thats really not an option for me.

    BEHOLD! A solution! I am here to tell you how to tint your brows at home! I’ve been doing this for three years and honestly, I don’t think I could live without it. When I first started out, I watched a video by Ellebangs which I would HIGHLY recommend you watch if you are considering this as she is actually a  professional. In the video, she explains that you should mix equal parts developer and the color of your choice. Then, leave it on the brow for ~10 (I think). However, with as light as my brows are, I don’t think the dye penetrates the follicle as easily??? IDK. Or I need to buy a new developer. ANYHEW, I find that I have to leave the dye on my eyebrows for 40-60 minutes to get my desired results. This is the frustrating part, so I think I need to look into a new method that might work better for me. The only thing about my current method is that it is SO CHEAP and in the end, it does work.


The Process:

  1. I always cleanse my face as the first step!
  2.  Then, I DIY dermaplane my face and trim/shape my brows
  3. Now, it is time to mix up the dye! I mix one part of this developer with one part of this dye.
  4. Slather that shit aallll over your brow, saturating EVERY SINGLE HAIR! I like to use disposable mascara brushes for this step.
  5. After I make a giant mess doing that, I take a few q-tips to wipe away any dye that got on my skin {although I have never had an issue with the dye coloring my skin}.
  6. Last, I let the dye marinate for about 60 minutes. Usually I work on homework or paint my nails/apply a face mask during this process to pass the time.
The Results:

Okay, so I’m an airhead and forgot to take a picture of my brow before this process, so once the dye fades I will upload one! But, just imagine the before as practically invisible brows. The result speaks for itself! This gives me nice and defined brows compared to my natural bleached blonde color! However, my brows are still thinner and sparser than I’d like, so I still fill them in. This just really helps to accelerate the process of filling them in and making them look nice! Not to mention, I feel so much more confident without makeup on when my brows are at least visible!

LEFT: Once the dye was applied
RIGHT: After washing off the dye! I kid you not, my brows were SO BLONDE before this!


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