DIY Keratin Treatment: Keragen Smooth Forte Review

            Recently I've developed a bit of a hair obsession. Being someone who always hated my naturally dry and frizzy curly hair, I put heat on it the majority of the time. Not to mention, I balayage it about 3 times per year, trying to get blonder and blonder each time. This has resulted in my already damaged hair worsening, resembling something along the lines of straw. As a consequence, my hair looks awful if kept natural or even tried to straighten it, and it also NEVER GREW.
            I stumbled upon Keratin Treatments whilst browsing YouTube for videos on how to nurture my hair back to health. I was intrigued. Was there really a salon treatment that could restore the life of my hair while also relaxing my curls? There are many different kinds of Keratin Treatments, but I was most interested in the Brazilian Keratin Treatments. However, once again, there was one hurdle in the way of me and my possible miracle treatment: cost. Salon keratin treatments usually run a minimum of $200 and last for about 4-6 months. As a broke college student, I can barely afford a color 3 times per year. I needed an alternative. As I watched videos on the process I thought “Okay, I am totally capable of doing this!” So I hopped on Amazon and browsed different products and reviews for a couple of days until I finally decided on Keragen Hair Smoothing Treatment,ForteIt comes in a 16oz bottle for $50, a very small fraction of the salon cost.
The Process       
           To prep for the treatment, I shampoo’d twice with TreSemme Purify and Replenish shampoo, did not condition it, and then blow dried it. I sectioned off my hair and applied the treatment with gloves (it does contain formaldehyde so I would recommend wearing gloves and doing this in a well ventilated area). Once all of my hair was covered, I let it soak in the treatment for 20 minutes. After, I blow dried my hair and straightened it in sections. I took no larger than 1 inch sections and passed over the same section 10 times with the straightener. This was the last step, but the most tedious! The directions on the bottle say to shower after straightening is finished, but after so much research on the process I decided no to. Instead, I left my hair for 48hrs. I did not get it wet, put it up, put it behind my ears, sweat, or add any other hair products. After the 48hrs was up, I took a normal shower and left my hair to air dry.
The Results:

Day of Treatment

Left: Immediately after shampooing my with the clarifying shampoo (no conditioner) and blowdrying. Basically this is how damaged and awful my hair looked, prior to treatment, whenever I would blow dry it.
Right: Immediately after sealing the treatment in with the flat iron. My hair has NEVER been so shiny, straight, frizz free, or healthy looking when straightened. The picture does not do it justice!

Air Dried Before vs. After

Left: This is the most recent picture I have of my natural hair, but it is about 5 years old. It was much healthier and fuller in this picture. Just imagine my natural hair before this treatment like this, but way more damaged and a little less curly!

Right: This is my hair air dried after my first shower after the treatment! It feels so healthy and full now (I know my ends look a big stringy, but a lot of my hair is still at the front of my body in this picture- I swear it looks much better in person). I am amazed! To be able to just shower and leave without having to do my hair is the most amazing feeling ever. This treatment has truly been such a game changer for me!


            It does not take much effort to maintain a keratin treatment. Basically all you need is a sulfate free shampoo, and preferably a keratin-based shampoo and conditioner- I use Nexxus Keraphix conditioner. I also like to spray a keratin leave in treatment in my hair once I get out of the shower. I use Chi Keratin Mist Leave-in Strengthening Treatment and found it at TJ Maxx for only $10. Try to only wash your hair a maximum of every other day.


**Disclaimer**  I am in no way a hair stylist. I would recommend going to a salon to get this treatment because it is probably much safer and more effective that way- I would have if I could afford it. This formula does contain formaldehyde which will make your eyes burn and will feel like its taking over your senses if you aren't in a well ventilated area. It is also a known carcinogen, so just be extra careful if you do decide to use this product (there are formaldehyde free options!!)


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