DIY “Lash Extensions”


First thing’s first. I AM NOT A LASH TECHNICIAN. I have no training or anything. But before you comment about how bad this is for your lashes and whatnot- don’t. I AM ALREADY AWARE OF THE RISKS! I’ve done my research and I realize that these are not true lash extensions. For those of you wondering- true lash extensions are glued to each individual lash. This technique is used because all eyelashes grow/shed at different rates, so gluing an extension to each separate lash allows the lash to grow and shed normally. The method that I will be using is essentially just gluing regular fake individual eyelashes underneath my natural lash using a glue meant to last 1-2 weeks. For some people, this can be risky because each clump of lashes will be glued to several anchor lashes rather than just one (and is heavier than an actual eyelash extension). This method can cause some issues such as discomfort or the loss of some of your natural lashes. I have not had any issues with this method. That being said- I KNOW THE RISKS and everyone just make sure to do your research prior to doing anything like this.

Allllriiiighhtttt now that being said, lets’ get into it! 

Im not exactly sure how I stumbled upon this, but recently I’ve been obsessing over eyelashes and what I am going to do before vacation so I can go without makeup while not feeling like a total troll (I like myself without makeup just fine, but I have blonde eyelashes and want to look somewhat cute on the beach LOL). So I got my eyelashes tinted, but the guy didn’t do the greatest job, so I will be ordering a kit on Amazon to do it myself (I’ve done this before and the results are better if I just do it myself). BUT then I thought about how amazing it would be to have lash extensions {not the super crazy dramatic ones, I prefer the *are they extensions or does she just have amazing lashes* type look}. However, we all know how ridiculously expensive eyelash extensions are, as well as the constant upkeep, so that is just not an option for me. I really cannot justify spending that kind of money.

But for myself and any of you broke gals, OR anyone else for that matter, I HAVE A SOLUTION!! I remembered stumbling upon a DIY eyelash extension video once upon a time, so I hopped on Youtube and watched literally every video there was of makeup gurus doing their own eyelash extensions with the Ardell LashTite glue, a glue that is meant to last 1-2 weeks!! I had to try it. So I got my glue, and bought the Ardell duralash knot-free naturals in medium {although you could use literally any fake individual lashes you want}. 

I have only done this twice now, and the process gets quicker the more you do it, but I’d say it takes me about an hour or so for both eyes. Make sure your eye area is clean and free from any oils as oil dissolves the glue, so it will make it harder to stick and won’t last as long. But basically all you do is dip the end of the falsies in the glue, and place it underneath your normal eyelashes! Make sure not to glue it to your skin, but rather as close to it as you can get, but on the actual eyelashes. Here is a video that explains it: DIY Eyelash Extensions


Here are my before and afters!

Before- no mascara

My eyelashes are naturally very long, but it is so hard to see since they are so light! That is why I will be tinting them myself in the future to make them more defined, as well as to make them blend better with the DIY extensions!

After- natural

After- more dramatic

They definitely will last 1-2 weeks. I kept mine on for a week and then removed them using Ardell’s glue remover- however, I’ve heard that coconut oil works just as well and also doesn’t burn if you get it in your eye! My second set has been on for 4 days and hasn’t budged. As for maintenance, I just try to get them wet as infrequently as possible, and also do not wear mascara or get any oil based products on your eyelashes if you want these to last. When I wash my face, I try to avoid my eye area and then I just go over the area with micellar water afterwards! 

*I have not had any issues with discomfort- I think that the knot free lashes work best for this. I also have not had any issues with my natural lashes falling out or anything. Lastly, I would definitely recommend giving your lashes a 1-3 day break between sets!


Let me know how this goes if you give it a try!


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